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United Insurance provides home insurance in Grand Rapids and neighboring communities.
Home insurance protects your home and contents in the event of sudden and accidental damage.

A home insurance policy provides a package of coverage insuring your home, additional structures on the premises, and your personal belongings.

Home insurance will also include coverage to pay any extra expenses if you are temporarily displaced from your home due to a covered loss.

A home insurance policy also provides liability coverage to protect you in the event you are responsible for injuries suffered by a guest visiting your home.

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A basic policy may be tailored to provide coverage for an array of additional items, including:
  • Jewelry, artwork, and other collectibles
  • Personal electronics
  • Golf carts, recreational vehicles, and small watercraft
Our online quote request guides you through securely submitting detailed information to help us design an insurance policy specifically tailored to protect your home.

If our proposal meets your approval we will need to review a property appraisal or complete an on-site exterior inspection before activating coverage.  This step allows us to make certain your home is properly insured to value and typically will be completed within days.

Upon your approval of any final adjustments you will be able to complete purchasing your policy online.

If you prefer to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable agent, please contact our office.

Discounts available for:
  • Senior Homeowners
  • Steel Roof
  • Home Generator
  • Central Station Alarm
  • Multi-policy (Home & Auto)
  • Paid In Full
  • AARP Members
  • College Alumni
  • Credit Union Members
  • Federal & State Employees
  • Homeowners Association Members
  • Hospital Employees
  • MEA Members
  • Public Safety Officials

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