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Insuring your ATV or recreational vehicle | Michigan Recreational Vehicle Insurance

posted Aug 16, 2016, 1:26 PM by Jason Grubbs   [ updated Aug 8, 2018, 2:00 PM ]
ATV & Off-Road Insurance
Michiganders use all sorts of recreational vehicles to explore and enjoy our great state.
Don't risk your adventures on the trails by not having appropriate insurance.
The following are answers to frequently asked question about insuring recreational vehicles:
What type of recreational vehicles can be insured?

The likelihood is any recreational vehicle you want to use to hit the trails can be insured, including:

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs)
Utility vehicles (UTL/UTV, side by sides)
Four wheelers
Dune buggies
Golf carts
Off road motorcycles
Dirt bikes
What types of coverage are available?

Liability: Coverage in the event you are responsible for injuries or damage to property
Medical Payments: Covers medical expenses if an operator or passenger is injured
Comprehensive: Covers out of the ordinary damages such as fire, theft, and vandalism
Collision: Covers damages caused by colliding with other vehicles or objects
Safety Apparel: Covers riding gear including helmets and goggles
Optional Equipment: Covers non-manufacturer parts & accessories
Transport Trailer: Covers the trailer you use to haul your recreational vehicle
Is coverage available year-round?

Yes - whenever you have a nice day you can hit the trails without worrying about whether you're covered while also enjoying competitive rates based on limited riding seasons.

What type of savings are available?

Previous insurance? Discount
Taken a safety course? Discount
Stored in a locked garage? Discount
Multiple recreational vehicles? Discount

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